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Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TWX AUTO AND OTHER POPULAR BRANDS? Specially formulated with a mixture of polymers, our products provide a smooth, glossy finish and protection against insects, water spots and dirt on the street. Within a matter of weeks, ordinary waxes and paint sealants can not provide the same level of protection and they wash or wear off. TWX Auto products strengthen and protect for months, not just weeks. IS THERE A RISK OF DAMAGING THE CAR BODY BY USING YOUR PRODUCTS?  Our products can remove dirt from the vehicle's surface without scratches or swirl marks when used as guided. ARE YOUR PRODUCTS ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND NON-TOXIC? We are proud to present high quality car care products on the market, while at the same time being completely environmentally friendly. All of our formulas are non-toxic and biodegradable at 100 percent. These also do not contain harsh acids and toxic solvents and do not contain hydrofluoric or sulfuric acids at all. HOW OFTEN SHOULD I USE TWX AUTO PRODUCTS ON MY CAR? It depends on your local weather conditions and where you park your car. If it rains heavily, you would probably need to reapply for better effect. WHAT ARE THE DELIVERY TIMES? Orders can take between 1-10 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) to deliver depending on your country. Processing an order includes picking, packing and getting the order ready for delivery. Once the order is picked up by the courier and delivered to your address, it is considered "shipped". Please make sure someone can receive your shipment between 09:00 and 18:00. WHAT ARE THE PAYMENT METHODS? We offer secure payment – cash on delivery – you pay only when you receive your order, no advance payments or transactions. CAN I CANCEL OR MAKE CHANGES TO AN ORDER? No, once an order is placed, we are unable to cancel your order or make any changes. Please make sure all information is correct before finishing your order.  DO YOU OFFER ANY DISCOUNTS OR PROMOTIONS?  Yes, we offer discounts and special promotions. The best way to stay informed about them is to follow us on Facebook and check our website. WHAT DO I DO IF I AM MISSING AN ITEM FROM MY ORDER? Please contact Customer Service to request further assistance. Any missing item(s) must be reported within 14 days of delivery.   I PURCHASED TWX AUTO PRODUCTS FROM A DIFFERENT SITE/STORE, CAN YOU STILL HELP ME?   We're sorry, but the only place you can find our products are on our official website. Any other places that sell them are unofficial and might be fake, so we can't give a guarantee for them.  DO YOU OFFER "WILL CALL" OR "PICK UP"?  No, the only shipping option is delivery to your address. 

CAN THE TWX AUTO PRODUCTS BE USED WITHOUT WATER? Yes! All of our products - sprays and gels, can be used without water. The formula of our products acts by encapsulating and lubricating the dirt and grime which makes it easy to clean it away with zero effort. Once encapsulated, the dirt on your vehicle has no other choice but to stick to the microfiber towel leaving the surface smooth and clean.