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Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Coating For Your Car And Avoiding Online Scams

Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Coating For Your Car And Avoiding Online Scams

Posted By: John Mc Duggal

So, you've finally decided you need to 'shield your car' with coating, a ground-breaking detailing solution that EVERYBODY seems to be talking about!

Let's hope you're just like most of us, your car is your pride and joy, and you want to protect your investment with the best possible car coating available.

You might, of course, start wondering which coating to choose. The answer to this question is critical. It's easy to feel overwhelmed after searching the internet for answers, and it quickly becomes confusing, but trust us, it's perfectly normal.

Having said that, we are very happy that you are reading us, and we hope that this article will give you some insights and advice to help you make your decision.

One thing is for sure: once you go Do-It-Yourself coating, you'll never want to go back to using your old soaps!

We appreciate that you share our passion, and that's precisely why our goal is to help you learn more about coatings by sharing our knowledge and experience.

In this article, we will discuss considerations, pros and cons to consider while studying and comparing the choices for ceramic coatings, including:

  • Buying products online and the risks that may come

  • Determining whether the product is truly a coating one

  • Understanding what 'superior' protection is

  • Look at the coating effects after applying

Without further ado, let's get into your latest guideline for the ultimate results. We hope you enjoy it!

Let's start with the basics of online shopping.

Buying products online and the risks that may come

It's no secret, online shopping is one of the most efficient ways to meet your needs today, the point is, many customers are afraid they don't really get what they're paying for, and they're right to do that. Unfortunately, there are more than many fake brands and trying to sell you impossible things.

So, how do you make sure you get the real deal?

Be sure it's a true coating. An important clue is to look for a powerful and reliable formula that can guarantee results.

Here's the thing, either you had to pay for the required paint corrections or you were able to polish it properly before using the product. But after applying a cheap, washed-out coating you got from an online retailer, it will initially look like it's coated just like a true ceramic coating... 

but give it some time! 

After a few months of exposure to environmental conditions and drying, the car will begin to lose its hydrophobic properties due to its coating and high gloss shine. This is a very clear indicator of the lower coating being rubbed off…

Clearly, the paint won't be protected as it was meant to be. Scratches, blemishes and swirl marks will begin to appear again in your clear coat paint, and you will consider a new cycle of paint correction.

Although you may initially have doubts about spending your money to do it yourself, over time it will be a great investment to ensure that your vehicle is properly protected and maintained if you choose the right product. 

Now, you know, stop cheap and quick fixes at all costs, they don't do any good in the short term.

Instead, consider something with a solid background and a promise that you'll get your money back if something goes wrong.

Determining whether the product is truly a coating one

Let's talk about the properties and content of the coating.

To know that what you actually got was good, you have to tell easily, by applying it, that no bugs, stains or marks should remain as your car is supposed to literally repel everything from its surface.

We have researched and studied properties in many coatings, and we have found that most brands do not rely on any formula that can help what they are offering. Many brands present their products as ceramic quality and mislead customers by selling less durable coatings or, worse, expensive dishwashing soaps.

Traditional silica materials degrade when heated and are easily destroyed by washing. That's why you've got to do your homework before you try any product at all.

Understanding what 'superior' protection is.

Does the thickness of the ceramic coating really matter? Sure, but that's not all.

The most basic thing you should check about the product you are using is whether it contains effective and powerful polymers.

Now, you might ask, "Will I take the French fries with them?" Not yet, let us elaborate... Polymers are chemicals consisting of detergents and concentrated solutions for removing dirt, stains and dust. The main difference is that standard soaps (which are used in most products) just brush away the dirt, leaving it all over the ground, even if you can't see it. On the other hand, the polymers penetrate the dirt and stain particles and dissolve them.

It makes sense how important it is to look for them, doesn't it?

Now, how much water should be used to do the job... the answer is NONE! And this isn't a joke.

It's really easy to combine water with car cleaning and detailing, but the fact is, with the right product, you shouldn't have to waste any precious water on your vehicle. Alternatively, just remove the dirt with a dry cloth and then clean & cover the surface with your stuff... STILL DRY!

The length of the effect is another important aspect.

A thin coating is not durable and, if it is not a real coating, it will wear down and re-apply will be needed. Many coatings last only 3 to 6 months before they were either rubbed off or washed away.

The truе coating should last from 6 to 12 months of active use and should go further than that with periodic retouching. Remember, note that this kind of coating should be able to protect your car under any kind of environmental conditions.

We've found that polymer technology is the most balanced and effective way to get this done. That's because it's hydrophobic, very long-lasting, highly resistant under any kind of conditions, provides UV protection, and of course, it's also the most cost-effective on the market.

Look at the coating effects after applying.

What you should expect after a month of using the product you’ve chosen:


  • Forget about irritating bird drops, the usual everyday dirt, and, essentially, any debris on the surface of the vehicle, the job has to be almost finished on its own.

  • Water? No, just a fiber cloth needed to remove something left that, once again, has to be little compared to the usual dirt on cars that were not treated.

  • No soap or additional detergents and magic liquids should be needed when cleaning.

  • The glow of the car should remain strong enough to think that it has just been cleaned and detailed.

  • You should only consider giving a small touch-up to certain small parts and yet it shouldn't be absolutely necessary.

  • You'd still need one, but not two or three, items to get the job done, so you'd be using it for a few months after the first purchase (savings in the long run!)


And that's all you need to learn when you're looking for your own effective coating method.

We hope you know what you're after now, but if you're still wondering which way to go, we'll gladly help you get the best out of the best.

TWX Auto’s Exterior 3-in-1 is our most trusted and recommended use-at-home coating solution!

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