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TWX® Auto Interior All Purpose Car Interior Cleaner


TWX® Auto Interior is the one product that cleans and protects virtually any car interior surface!

 Save time and money with one product for your car interior

 Great for your car dashboard, door panels

 Keeps your interior fresh, clean, and new

 Clean without worrying about damaging surfaces

Keep your interior looking great and preserved! Dirt, grime, fingerprints, grease and stains - they don’t stand a chance against our unique and effective protection formula for your interior surfaces.

TWX® Auto Interior All Purpose Car Interior Cleaner incorporates the latest nanotechnology to effectively protect and restore your interior surfaces. Its non greasy formula with anti-static agents will help prevent dust buildup, remove dirt, grime, and unwanted odours, and restore your car’s interior surfaces.

You no longer need 3 or more different cleaners cluttering up your garage to make your car sparkling clean - TWX® Auto Interior All Purpose Car Interior Cleaner is all you need. It will leave your car interior looking great for longer. No greasy or cloudy film left behind - just a clean matte finish. Our cleaner also contains sun blocking agents to help guard your interior from UV damage, ensuring your interior stays newer, longer.


1. Shake the bottle well. Squeeze some liquid onto a clean microfiber towel.

2. Gently rub the desired surface in a circular motion.

3. Use another clean microfiber towel to buff off the residue.

4. For best results, re-apply every two weeks (or as needed). Safe to use on vinyl, leather and plastic.

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TWX® Auto Interior All Purpose Car Interior Cleaner

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