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TWX® Auto Tires Gel for Shiny Tires

Specially formulated to... PROTECT, BEAUTIFY





 Most extreme wet black look - blackest black!
 Contains shine enhancers for mirror-like shine

 Conditions and nourishes the tires

 Protects from harmful environmental conditions



Quick and easy to use, TWX® Auto Tires dries fast and delivers the most brilliant shine to your tires! Just one application will have a huge impact on your tires and will give you a long-lasting mirror-like shine!

Our special formula includes water based polymer, coated compound of silicone tire that produces easy application. It's a gel that can be quickly added to any tire. TWX® Auto Tires Gel for Shiny Tires is designed to clean and protect rubber surfaces from the impact of harmful UV rays while at the same time provides a truly clean, high-gloss shine.


ACHIEVE AN AMAZING SHOWROOM SHINE! One of the most popular automotive detailing items is TWX® Auto Tires Gel for Shiny Tires. It provides a luxurious shiny black finish to achieve your desired results. Bring back your tires the showroom look!

UNIQUE FORMULA! The premium formula of TWX® Auto Tires Gel for Shiny Tires is all you need to see a dry, vibrant and shiny look. 

EASY TO USE AT HOME! Don't spend time adding multiple coats to achieve the bright finish you want! TWX® Auto Tires Gel for Shiny Tires gives you all with ONE application, saving you time and money!

HIGH-CLASS PROTECTION! TWX® Auto Tires Gel for Shiny Tires ensures a durable UV protection that prevents your tires from fading and becoming soft and dry.


1. Clean and dry your car tire before using tire gel. 

2. Apply tire gel on a clean microfiber towel.

3. Clean your tire with the towel.

4. Wait 15-20 minutes to allow tires to dry. For best results, please use on a cool surface, in the shade, out of direct sunlight.

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TWX® Auto Tires Gel for Shiny Tires

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