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TWX® Auto Wax Super Wax Perfect Finish



TWX® Auto Super Wax is extremely easy to use spray wax for your favourite vehicle! 

Simply spray on to get an instant and impeccable shine and protection on your paintwork, polished metal and plastics.

 Instantly adds a brilliant shine

 Effortlessly adds durable protection

 Beautiful lasting shine 

 Easy application and usage


We created a product that provides high gloss and deep shine effect for daily drivers, as a quick alternative to car polishing. Protect your car from harmful pollution, bug and bird stains, water spots and more and get that perfect shine of your car that you may have forgotten! 

TWX® Auto Wax Super Wax Perfect Finish is quick acting and very easy to use - you just have to spray some of the product on the desired surface and wipe it off.

Formulated with a combination of advanced polymers and fillers which work to block the damage caused by UV Rays and contaminants from the environment, this wax provides a lasting and durable shine. Even after the first use, this wax is going to leave your car with a slick surface and glossy finish.

TWX® Auto Wax Super Wax Perfect Finish seals and polishes the surface of your car with no streaks and no residue left behind! Designed to protect and polish away dust and fingerprints, you will be more proud to drive your car with that lustrous shine.


1. Spray wax onto a clean pre-wetted microfiber towel and onto the surface. For the best effect, please make sure the surface is clean.

2. Gently rub the desired surface in a circular motion.

3. Use another clean and dry microfiber towel to buff off the remaining haze BEFORE it dries.

4. Repeat this process until the entire vehicle is waxed. For best protection, repeat regularly.

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TWX® Auto Wax Super Wax Perfect Finish

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